Current Restorations

Below you will find the radios that are currently in work. I tend to have 4 to 5 going at the same time. This is not due to a lack of focus but for a variety of reasons. I try to consolidate parts and supply orders to save on time and shipping charges, remember this is a hobby. Please take a look and let me know what you think in the Guestbook.

1936 Air Castle 629 Table Radio

Air Castle was the brand name used by the Speigel Catalog Company and of course sold in through their catalog. This is actually my first Air Castle radio in my collection and I was very excited to find this one. As anyone you has done any amount of browsing on my web site can tell, I am VERY fond of the radios with the green tuning eye. I actaully have around 30 6U5/6G5 and 6E5 spare tubes. Well I removed the chassis, speaker, dial bezel, push button bezel and tuning eye bezel. The plastic dial cover mounted in the dezel was very yellowed and I removed it and polished up the dial bezel and sent to my buddy Mark to make and install a replacement. I polished up the other brass bezels to an antique looking shine. I tested all the tubes and replaced weak or defective tubes. I removed the tuning gang condenser, cleaned and lubed it and cleaned the chassis and reinstalled with new rubber grommets. While cleaning the controls the On/Off/Volune control quit clicking on and off. I removed the wires and took the control apart and found a small rocker switch with spring had come loose. I fixed it, cleaned it up and lubed it and tested it many times and then reconnected the wires and mounted it back in the chassis. I replaced all of the electrolytic capacitors and wax/paper capacitors and tested all other components. The speaker had a couple of small tears in the cone and someone had put masking tape over them. I connected the speaker and played the radio and there was no vibration or distrotion from the tape, so I opted not to attempt to remove it and risk damaging the cone. The cabinet was actually in need of quite a bit of glue. There were cracks along the 2 top edges that ran fron to back. There were a number of dents and a couple of gouges in the top and some dents in the front top edge as well. The veneer had split in the right front rounded area. I reglued the loose and cracked places and used wood filler to fill the dents and gouges. I sanded everything smooth and this baby is ready to be sprayed. I have been listening to the radio while monuted on my chassis holder and with the speaker laying on the table and this thing has an excellent tone. I can't wait to get everything mounted in the cabinet where there will be some acoustics.