About Me

Name: Charlie Livingston, Jr.
Hometown: Thomasville, GA
Priorities: God, Family, Work

Hobbies: Buying and Restoring Antique Radios.
Music: Country, Classic Rock and 30's/40's
Movies: Family Man, Facing The Gaints and Radio
Languages: English and a few words of Spanish



My motto: If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!

Hi. My name is Charlie Livingston, Jr., and I live in beautiful Thomasville in GA. I work my sister in the business we own together (www.edgefederal.com) Edge Technology Distriutors, Inc. Which is a federal reseller for Motorola Solutions. Although I have been in the electronics industry for over 40 years, I didn't focus on the tecnical side until 2010. I met my mentor Mr. John Goller when I was trying to find an old radio as a display in my office. After weeks of searching I cam upon John and Jean's Antique radio website (johnjeanantiqueradio.com) and was highly impressed he and Jean's work and collection. John restores the electronics and Jean refinishes the cabinets. I bought a Zenith Chaireside and a Zenith 12S265 Console. Once I saw them in person, I was even more impressed and when I listened, I was in love. I aksed John if he had ever taken anyone under his wing and he said twice before. He graciously took me on and I bought my first radio for restoration, a Zenith 6S229 and through email and the telephone, John talked me through it and I fired it up and tuned to the only AM station in my area and the Boggie Woggie Buggle Boy from Company B was playing and I hooked.


I have been blessed with a wonderful wife for the last 38 years, 5 children and 8 grandchildren.